A full range for hydraulic excavators from 8 tons up to 150 tons

- The XR10 is suitable for demolition where noice is an issue. Also for excavation, trenching or recycling plants it can be a perfect solitation.

- The XR15 is perfect in excavation and demolition in urban areas. Also for trenching, recycling plants, works underwater or mud.

- The XR20 turns you medium size excavator into a high perfomance machine. You will use it in excavation and demolition. Also for trenching, recycling and working in permifrost is applicable with very high perfomance.

- The XR30 is inndispensable for excavation and demolition, low noise and high perfomance makes it a leader. the perfect tool for all types of application.

- The XR40 becomes the protagionist of the work site. In quarrying work excellent results are archieved with production volumes up to 120 m3 per hour. In trenching is unrivaled.

- The XR50 is special designed for high-volume production in quarries and infrastructructure works. Production volumes are reached over up to 150 m3 per hour in limestone and other types of fractured rock. Also for treching and recycling.

- The XR60 is designed for high-volume production in quarries and infrastructure works (> 175 m3/hr). Normally applied in areas, where drilling and blasting with explosive is not permited for safely or environmental reasons. Also suitable for demolition, mining, etc.

- The XR80 meets or exceeds conventional equipment for high production in quarries and infrastructure projects, where drilling and blasting are no longer allowed or are simply more expensive. It can achieve production volumes of more thyan 200 m3 per hour in fractured rock types. Very suitable for marine exacavation in large dredging projects.

- The XR120 is our biggest Series Production model. it is currently the largest serial attachment manufactured worldwide for quarrying. Production volumes up to 250 m3 per hour can be achieved. Ideal for mining, which brings great value and versality to large tonnage excavators. Very appropriate for extracting marine works in dredging projects with adverse conditions.

A Revolution in Rock Excavation

In quarries with a limited volume of production or where drilling and blasting is not longer permited for environmental or safetely reasons, the Xcentric Ripper is the only real way to get reasonable production costs.

Crusher Buckets

Specific Sheet For Crusher Buckets